Goodbye The Weekend Edition, Hello Derbyshire Delights!

It’s the end of an era…

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It’s been a long time since I sat and wrote a post for The Weekend Edition. Sorry about that.

As the title suggests, I’m moving over to pastures new. I’m really hoping you’ll join me.

I came to the conclusion quite a while ago that that The Weekend Edition wasn’t working. Lou and Amy left long ago, after writing a few posts each and deciding it wasn’t for them, and after that, it was just me (Katie) left. This blog always suffered from trying to be everything to everyone, yet as a consequence, it ended up as nothing particularly noteworthy at all.

Our focus waned, and we meandered from being a blog about places across the East Midlands to being a lifestyle blog, then to sharing recipes and many more other things. It was just too broad to succeed.

It was also marred with technical issues from the off. We got hacked. Our posts got deleted and replaced with mucky content. It was wholly disheartening. Hackers have continued to try and break in on an almost daily basis since the start. It’s stressful to contend with defending your blog daily. In the end, all of these ongoing tech issues led to me resent this blog a little. And it’s quite hard to muster up the effort to write new posts if you regard your online home as a tad troublesome.

If you fancy finding out more about my decision to change names and move the blog over to a new home, there’ll be a post over there that explains everything in detail. (Find that here from 1st May.)

I’ll be leaving this blog as it is for now. It’ll stay here for the next few months, but when my hosting is up for renewal (boring tech stuff, I know, sorry!) I’ll be winding down my account and therefore The Weekend Edition will then cease to exist in this particular place online.

But, fear not, I’ve already migrated all of our old posts over to the new blog and popped them in an archive over there. They’ve been polished up a bit over there too, so you’re best off perusing those posts in their new home.

None of our old posts are going to be deleted, but there will – obviously – be a heavy focus on Derbyshire from now on. (Clue’s in the title and all that.)

So, it just falls to me to say thank you! Thank you for reading the posts that Amy, Lou and I wrote over the past two and a half years. Thank you for biding with us while we flitted between themes because we couldn’t make our minds up about what we wanted the blog to actually be. And thank you for your kind comments on our posts too!

I hope you can join me over on Derbyshire Delights from tomorrow!

Thank you so much (again!)


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